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Drawing from his own experiences, Will creates songs and stories that entertain the whole family with his highly participatory concerts. 

Will’s Jams Live 

Will Stroet of Will's Jams is a JUNO-nominated musician, nationally recognized educator and former CBC Kids TV star. His high-energy rock-pop music in English and French is full of witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, inspiring kids to be active, creative, caring and community-minded. Will and his trio perform hits from his 11 albums, which are masterpieces of creativity and fun, further cementing him as the ultimate star of children’s rock 'n' roll. Check out music videos from Will's latest album, "Big Shiny Spoons," as well as hits from his other albums on his YouTube channel. You can also stream Will's videos on KidoodleTV and Sensical TV. For more info about Will, visit

Ages: 1-8 years old

Tech requirements: PA, 3 monitors,  2 vocal mics, bass amp, drum kit

Languages: English, French, bilingual (with some Mandarin and Spanish

Number of people: 3 musicians (guitar, drum and bass) plus a tech

Will’s Jams Symphony Show

Will’s Jams kids’ symphony show features Will’s most popular hits as seen on CBC Kids. Kids will be dancing in their seats to catchy songs about reading, hygiene, animals and nature with colourful orchestral arrangements and sing-along choruses. They will also be introduced to excerpts from popular classical pieces, such as The Barber of Seville and Flight of the Bumblebee, which thematically tie into Will’s folk, pop and rock songs.

Download Symphony Show information sheet


Duration: 55 minutes

Orchestra size: charts modified for small, mid-size and large orchestras

Languages: English or multilingual (Half French & English with some Mandarin or Spanish)

Set list, condensed score and video available upon request

Will et Seeka: Amis avec tout le monde

Will et Seeka — of Will’s Jams and Seeka Sings — are nationally recognized musicians and educators who both have a passion for music, languages, and childhood education. Their shared understanding of the power of music in teaching languages brought these two songwriters and parents together during the pandemic to create fun, unique, and relevant musical resources to support French and English language learning. Born into families of educators and musicians, music has been instrumental in helping both artists become fluent in French as their second language. 

They are excited to share their upbeat and educational bilingual music for kids with families and educators around the world. Listen to "Will et Seeka: Amis avec tout le monde”  and “Will and Seeka: Friends with Everyone.”

Virtual Program on Arts IQ

French and core French educators can gain access to Will et Seeka's virtual programs on Arts IQ. They offer a variety of musical resources including lyric music videos, music tracks, lyric sheets  and printable activities. Visit

Live Show Description

Will et Seeka: Amis avec tout le monde is the ultimate interactive concert for kids learning French as a second language. Whether they’re in French immersion, core French or just have a love for the language, this concert is guaranteed to engage and entertain. And, they’ll be learning French without even realizing it! 

Will and Seeka are accompanied by a talented, bilingual band in this energetic and educational show, which features songs about colours, days of the week, weather, food, animals, daily routines, family and friends, the alphabet and movement.


Through sing-along choruses, actions and movement, kids will leave the show with these joyous songs in their hearts and a skip in their step. 

For more info about the artists and online resources, visit pebblestarartists/willetseeka.  

Ages: 1-9 years old

Tech requirements: PA, 4 monitors,  3 vocal mics, bass amp, drum kit

Languages: French, English and bilingual

Number of people: 4 musicians (guitar, drum, keyboards, vocals and bass) 

Will et Seeka Arts IQ.jpeg
Arts IQ Virtual Programs


The virtual program, “Will et Seeka: Amis avec tout le monde,” is the ultimate musical resource for supporting French language learning. It includes two programs with:

  1. Lyric music videos

  2. Lyric sheets

  3. Downloadable MP3s of the songs 

  4. Downloadable MP3s of the instrumental tracks (for assemblies, performances)

  5. Printable worksheets

  6. Virtual artist visits (as an add-on to program)

Song topics include: colours, days of the week, weather, food, animals, parts of the body, daily routines, family, friendship, community, clothing, the alphabet, movement, conversational French and mindfulness.

Learn more at

Will's Jams Virtual Programs

Will also offers professionally French, English and bilingual pre-recorded concerts with virtual artist visits as an add-on. Visit

Will's Jams| Chanter avec Will 

Over the past decade touring schools, Will  has developed a top-notch school show with audience participation, witty wordplay, sign language and catchy sing-along choruses. His upbeat music explores the themes of literacy, imagination and creativity, math, science and living a healthy and active lifestyle, which ties into Canadian school curriculum. Will offers interactive concerts in English, French or both languages with his 3-piece band, featuring hits from his 11 nationally acclaimed albums.

Grade Suitability: K–7

Duration: 45 mins

Number of people: 3 musicians

Ready Set Learn Program

Will is repeatedly booked by the Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Abbotsford and Fort St. John school districts for the B.C. Ministry of Education's Ready, Set, Learn program intended for families and their three- to five-year-old children. These events are hosted by schools often in the late winter and early spring and offers parents information about how to support a young child’s early learning and development. It also develops positive connections between families, the school system and local community agencies. Will is hired to perform a solo or band concert at these events.



Ages: Preschoolers and their parents/caregivers

Duration: 30-40 mins.

Number of people: 1-3 people


As a former French immersion music teacher and performer in elementary schools, Will understands how to work effectively with students and offers interactive songwriting workshops that involve critical thinking, creative writing, call and response, actions, presentation skills and performance opportunities for their peers and/or parents. Will teaches students about the basics of songwriting including: lyric, chorus and verse composition, rhythm and rhyme schemes, melody, as well as other song structures (for blues, folk, pop). Students will collaboratively compose a song with Will that will be ready to perform in a final concert. Every workshop follows a learning structure and provides room for flexibility, play, and creativity, as per the interests and strengths of the class or school. The song topic can be tied to any curricular theme. The workshop duration and number of sessions is flexible and can be determined between the school and artist depending on the number of students and classes involved. Please email us at to discuss specific details.

Download workshop information sheet

Will Stroet live concert
Will Stroet and the Backyard band live concert
Will Stroet and the Backyard Band
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